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Dear smoothie fans,

Our team from was able to try out one of the most powerful Vitamix models, the Vitamix Professional Series 750, or Vitamix Pro 750 for short, and subject it to a detailed test. The device is part of the Vitamix Professional Series mixer generation, which is still relatively new on the European market. As usual, we have put the professional mixer through its paces for you. So much in advance: For some tasks, you like to volunteer – that was the case here.

Design, operation, functionality, volume, areas of application, performance, mix quality, cleaning, all exciting topics to which we have dedicated ourselves.

Vitamix Pro 750 Edition 2021

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A new variant of the Vitamix professional mixer Pro 750 from the G series is the 2021 model in pearl gray. In short, for me, this model is a compromise between the (more expensive) stainless steel case of the Heritage Collection and the classic plastic. The new Vitamix body now has a special coating against fingerprints and smudges.

Performance values ​​and all other important parameters, such as filling quantity, operating concept, etc. have remained the same, there was hardly any reason for changes here. The Pro 750 is still an extremely powerful and compact stand mixer for the highest demands, with above-average simple and intuitive operation with no frills. The latest revisions are therefore of a purely visual nature and change the look and feel due to the new material on the mixer body.

Vitamix 750 Heritage in stainless steel

The stainless steel casing on the Vitamix Pro 750 from the Heritage Collection looks very elegant. The brushed material has a minimalist, clear appearance and practical properties in terms of cleaning. However, stainless steel has its price, so the Heritage Collection is more expensive than the regular version of the Pro 750.

Vitamix 750 2021 in pearl gray

The new Vitamix variant of the Vitamix Professional Series 750 in simple pearl gray is elegant and high-gloss – it stays that way during and after use. Because thanks to the special coating, fingerprints, and stains from grease and liquids are not or barely visible. The structure is subtle and reflects the ambient light in a glittering manner so that the effect (unobtrusively) is reminiscent of mother-of-pearl. All in all a nice update and a useful further development of the professional mixer. It has been improved in all the right places.

Scope of delivery

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It is always extremely customer-friendly when manufacturers consider adding a little extra in addition to the product actually ordered. In this case, Vitamix has an extremely helpful recipe book with over 200 ideas for a wide variety of creations and an introduction to safe use, various mixing techniques, and recipes in a small 30-page booklet and even on DVD. That is really very good service. The multilingual operating instructions are also well arranged. In addition, you will of course receive the mixer itself consisting of a high-quality stainless steel metal body, a mixing cup with lid, and an extra pestle – see also illustration.


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Even if the design essentially remains as it is known and appreciated from Vitamix, very convincing changes have been made here. The stainless steel look dominates, as do the clear edges and slightly rounded surfaces. The on / off switch is illuminated. In addition, in our opinion, the mixer looks a bit more peppy, sporty, but at the same time noble, sophisticated, and no longer so clunky compared to its predecessor models such as the Vitamix TNC 5200. This may be due, among other things, to the fact that the dimensions of the professional mixer have changed significantly, which results in the new low profile: The new mixing jug has become a little wider, but also less high. This is practical because the mixed ingredients do not have to be cut into small pieces to prepare them. The extremely powerful Vitamix swallows practically everything. Fortunately, the blender jar itself still has a capacity of 2.0 liters, is free of BPA, and is extra break-proof.

Even if the Vitamix, with its above-average cup filling quantity, is aimed primarily at those who regularly process large quantities, smaller portions are no problem either, because the design of the mixing cup means that these are always brought closer to the knife. Only with very small quantities with very tough ingredients will the extended knives fail to set the food to be mixed in motion. The spout has also been changed, which has been further optimized and now enables largely spill-free pouring. The lid sits firmly on the device and is also fixed with two clamps – this is a very sensible solution and, given the power of the mixer, makes sense.

Vitamix Pro 750 Heritage Collection?

The new edition of the Vitamix Pro 750 is called the “Heritage Collection”. The material of the outer cladding of the mixer body has been changed, it is now made of real metal and optionally available in stainless steel or copper color.

Vitamix Pro 750 Video

Here is a short video from our test that shows the Vitamix 750 in practical use. We entrusted him with our basic Green Smoothie recipe with fruit and wild herbs. You can see how the smoothie mixer performed here:

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In contrast to its predecessor, the new Vitamix is ​​only available in a stainless steel look.

Operation & functionality

The operation of the mixer is designed for everyone and even absolute beginners should be able to confidently succeed after just a few attempts. There are two switches on the front of the device, one for starting the mixing process and one for the pulse function. There is also an on / off switch for the power supply on the side – this can be used to completely switch off the device, including the background lighting of the control panel. This switch would be more practical on the front, especially if the device is between other kitchen appliances, but you get used to it.

To regulate the speed, the Vitamix Pro 750 offers five automatic programs as well as a setting wheel for manual control.

This manual speed control enables the speed to be set step-by-step from 1 to 10. It does not react directly but rather with a delay, which you also get used to quickly. The power of the Vitamix and the quality of the knives are already noticeable at low speeds – the slow start is perfect because it prevents the ingredients from being thrown up unnecessarily. Avoid whirling up the food unnecessarily by starting slowly on a low level.

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The biggest difference to its predecessors lies not only in the increased performance but also in the functionality. The new model offers users an even higher level of convenience thanks to the new five automatic programs, which are as follows:

  • Vitamix Pro 750 smoothie program – Smoothie
  • Vitamix Pro 750 ice cream program – Frozen / dessert / ice cream
  • Vitamix Pro 750 soup program – Hot soup
  • Vitamix Pro 750 puree program – puree
  • Vitamix Pro 750 cleaning – cleaning

Of course, the new Vitamix also has the mandatory pulse function. The programs are a real added value compared to the Vitamix Pro 300 model.

Lower volume thanks to optimized air circulation


As with the Vitamix catering equipment, the circulation of the air within the device has been optimized, which leads to a noticeable reduction in volume and an overall more pleasant mixing noise (less shrill). The reduction of ten decibels is clearly noticeable, especially if you are used to previous Vitamix models and, for example, are familiar with the Vitamix TNC. Some competing devices with significantly less power also make more noise than this power pack. Due to the high performance, the mixing process is usually finished faster – overall, the Vitamix Pro 750 is a very neighbor and roommate-friendly device.

The optimized air circulation also means that the engine is better cooling. This means that the Vitamix Pro 750 can be used in one piece for longer before the overheating protection takes effect and the device switches off.

Areas of application – more than just mixing

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The all-rounder capabilities of the device are impressive as usual. In addition to the smoothie preparation function, which we of course always pay particular attention to, you use the Vitamix Pro 750 to make ice, produce crushed ice, grind grain, chop vegetables, knead the dough, prepare dips, hot soups, nut butter, and nut milk, and much more. Your creativity knows no limits. And – as already mentioned – the new Vitamix masters the parade discipline like no other – rarely have we produced such fine and creamy smoothies as quickly as in the 2-liter container of the Pro 750 from Vitamix.

Smoothie consumption increases automatically because it’s so easy and so much fun!


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In terms of performance, too, the classy professional mixer is in the premier league of smoothie mixers. The fact that the engine output is given in PS should make an impression and it succeeds: 2.2 horsepower speak for an even more powerful mixer, also in comparison to the Total Nutrition Center series (model TNC 5200) and – according to the manufacturer – ensures an even higher turning speed of up to 434 km / h! The knife block also knows how to convince with its cutting knives made of hardened rustproof Japanese 18/8 stainless steel. This makes it one of the most powerful blenders for home use – the Pro 750 has a significant performance plus compared to other Vitamix devices such as the classic Vitamix TNC 5200 or the Vitamix Pro 500.

The Vitamix 750 initially gives off a typical engine odor. Like any other kitchen appliance, it should be cleaned before it is used for the first time. For this, you can use the automatic cleaning program with hot water and a little washing-up liquid. After a few runs, the smell of the engine is history.

Mix quality

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Testing the mixed results is always the best part of a practical test and – at least with such a device – it is the greatest culinary pleasure.

We tried several, colorfully mixed recipe kitchens. With fruit, vegetables, salads, and wild herbs, everything was there that makes the smoothie heart beat faster. We have already shown you a mixing process in our video above. It would take too long to list them all here with the respective results because we would repeat ourselves and run the risk of getting bored. Because we can abbreviate and summarize the result.

Smoothies in the Vitamix Pro 750 become creamy, tender, creamy, and fiber-free with the programs for smoothies!

No question about it, the manufacturer charges a considerable price for this professional mixer. But the culinary result is really extremely impressive. A top result that makes you want more. The performance plus can be seen, for example, in comparison with the Vitamix TNC in better results and faster preparation. With the soup program, hot soups can be made almost fully automatically.


Complicated cleaning of the smoothie mixer is a thorn in the side of every user because if you have your smoothie in front of you, you would like to start consuming it immediately and not waste time cleaning the device. So cleaning should be quick and easy. Vitamix has implemented this requirement very well by providing the manufacturer with an extra cleaning program.

The procedure is explained as follows:

Half-fill the container with warm water, add a few drops of dishwashing detergent, put on the lid of the blender jar and let it click into place, select the cleaning program, let it run for one minute (automatically), turn the control back to the “stop symbol”, Rinse and drain the container – done! Alternatively, you can clean the blender jar with individual speed control. This is also very easy and takes just 30-60 seconds.

Scope of delivery

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The 750 comes with a “precautionary package” from Vitamix: In addition to the actual device, the Tritan mixing container is of course included – the standard version has a capacity of 2.0 liters and has a matching lid with a refill opening. A tamper is also included, which can be used again and again for all kinds of preparations. For smoothies with enough liquid, however, the pounder is usually not necessary. A book with recipes on 354 pages is also enclosed – some of them are a bit exotic, but quickly show what is possible with the device and stimulate your own creativity. Also included are a product DVD and the manual.

The powerful Vitamix Pro 750 at a glance

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  • Variable preparation methods: wet and dry preparations of all kinds
  • Intuitively simple operation, manual and automatic speed regulation
  • 5 automatic programs including cleaning program
  • Optimized, more compact device size (wider and therefore less high)
  • Proven, award-winning design
  • Famous and valued Vitamix quality
  • The large scope of delivery

Vitamix Pro 750 review – our conclusion

Truly: The very powerful Vitamix sets standards for the professional mixer segment. Vitamix was able to go one step further with the successor to the already very successful models and is presenting an all-around successful package that focuses on the concentrated performance of a device of the very highest “league”. For everyone who only wants the best.

Anyone who has ever seen our favorite mixer inaction will no longer want to give the Pro 750. Those who can and want to afford it will not be disappointed. The manufacturer’s 7-year guarantee on all parts is also remarkable – this shows what the device is: a long-term investment.

The Professional Series 750 also has one advantage over the following Vitamix models, especially from the Ascent series, such as Vitamix A3500: The focus on the essentials. While technical features are a big selling point with the Ascent, the Pro 750 focuses on mixing. This not only makes it easier to use, but also minimizes possible sources of error and, as my mother always said: where there is nothing, nothing can break – in this respect, for users of the Vitamix Pro series, less is more.

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