Multicooker – why is it needed and how to choose a good model?

The multicooker is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen, because such a gadget significantly simplifies and speeds up the cooking process. Throw the necessary products and spices into the multicooker bowl, set the mode suitable for their preparation by pressing a couple of buttons, and get a ready-made tasty dish after a short period of time – what could be simpler?

Only in order for the multicooker to cope with all the tasks that its owners set for such a gadget, the model must initially be correctly selected. Therefore, today the Comfy Blog will share useful tips on choosing a multicooker – we will tell you what to look for when buying, who needs what parameters and options, and suggest several reliable multicooker models. A small but useful cheat sheet for the hostess!

What is a multicooker for?

Electric multicookers are very easy to use gadgets that, with all this simplicity, save a decent amount of time and effort for their owners. Such a gadget can successfully replace many kitchen appliances, which is especially important if you have a small living space. When every piece of free space is important in the kitchen, a device that can cope with, if not all, then with many functions of the stove, oven, bread machine, double boiler, deep fryer, yogurt maker and even fondue, becomes a real salvation. A superhero among kitchen gadgets!

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A good multicooker can provide for several dozen, or even fifty, ready-made cooking programs, with which you can easily cook a variety of dishes. At the same time, using a multicooker is very simple, so both a teenage child and an elderly person can handle it. We select the desired recipe, put all the ingredients in the multicooker bowl, turn on the appropriate mode and … just wait. Nothing complicated 🙂

Such a kitchen appliance can be used for cooking, stewing, frying, heating and steaming. You can cook delicious cereals and pasta in it, make baked goods, cook healthy fermented milk products, bake bread and boil thick jam. It’s like a little chef in your kitchen who can be tasked with preparing almost any dish. A true cyber assistant for the modern housewife!

Main characteristics – what to look for.


In order for the purchase of a multicooker to be successful, and the owners of such a kitchen gadget are not disappointed in their purchase due to inappropriate functionality, its characteristics must be selected taking into account the real needs of the family for which this device is purchased. We have collected the main parameters of the multicooker, which you need to pay attention to when buying, into one list to make it easier to determine the required characteristics.

The capacity of the multicooker bowl.

The amount of food that we can cook at one time depends on it. The capacity of a multicooker bowl can be very different. There are models on sale equipped with bowls of one and a half to two liters. Such a device will be a great help in the kitchen when you need to cook food for one or two people. But for a large family, it is better to choose multicooker with large bowls – with a volume of 5-6 liters. Remember that after loading all the products, there should be free space in the multicooker bowl so that the dish does not “run away” during cooking, so the bowl’s capacity should have at least a liter of stock. Focus on the indicator of the so-called “useful volume of the bowl” – it is this figure that determines how much space in the bowl can actually be used during cooking.

Multicooker power.

On sale there are models of both low-power multicooker (they need about 500 W to work), and gadgets with very high electricity consumption – about 2000 W and more. Here you need to look for your “golden mean”, since a too weak gadget will cook food very slowly, and too powerful one will consume an excessive amount of electricity. In addition, if the wiring in the house is weak or improperly made, then during the operation of especially powerful multicooker models there is a risk of getting a blackout. Typically, such incidents occur when several “gluttonous” household appliances are used simultaneously – a washing machine, microwave oven, electric kettle, air conditioner or other similar devices. If you buy a medium-sized multicooker, then the optimal power level for such a gadget is 800-1500 watts. When choosing, be guided by the volume of the bowl and the quality of your indoor electrical networks.

Additional functions of multicooker.

Almost all multicooker besides standard cooking modes, optimized for different dishes, have a certain set of additional options. This can be a timer, a function to keep an already cooked dish hot, customizable modes, 3D heating and other useful features for the hostess. All of these options are convenient, but they affect the final cost of the multicooker. Therefore, you should not chase the most advanced model simply on the “whatever it was” principle – first decide what functions and modes of the multicooker you really need, and then make the final choice so as not to overpay for absolutely unnecessary characteristics.

Multicooker complete set.

Different models of multicooker can have completely different configurations. Some gadgets, in addition to one removable bowl and a booklet, do not provide any additional accessories, while others can be equipped with an impressive set of parts and useful little things. Most often, a set with a multicooker includes a steam basket (deep-frying net), removable grates, tongs, spoons made of special material or with a soft protective coating. Almost all models of multicooker come with a small recipe book for housewives, but the set of accessories can vary greatly.

Multicooker with steamer function.

And those who follow their diet and try to follow a diet will be interested in a special type of multicooker – gadgets with the option of steaming dishes. Such devices make it possible to cook steamed dishes very simply and safely, while preserving the maximum amount of vitamins and microelements in the products during the heat treatment. Steamed food is tender, healthy and delicious.

The advantages of a multicooker.

As we have already said, the main advantage of the multicooker is its versatility. Such a device perfectly copes with the preparation of a variety of dishes, practically without requiring supervision from the owner. In addition, this gadget is able to replace several types of household appliances at once, thus saving both money and free space in the kitchen. But what other advantages does a multicooker have?

The multicooker modes allow you to carefully observe the temperature level and duration of cooking provided for by the recipe, which is especially important for dietary dishes and fermented milk products.
Food is prepared faster, without being overcooked or overcooked, thanks to which more nutrients and vitamins are retained in the finished dish.
It is safe to cook in a multicooker – the temperature conditions and pressure inside the bowl of the device are controlled by special sensors, so the permissible levels are never exceeded. Food is not exposed to excessive heat treatment, and there is no risk of any unforeseen situations when using a multicooker.
It is not difficult to take care of the multicooker, because after cooking, you only need to wash the removable bowl of the device, the lid and several accessories used in the cooking process. Many models provide for the possibility of using a dishwasher for these purposes, which further simplifies matters.
Such a gadget will be an excellent purchase for a modern housewife, because it is very easy to cook with it. And there is much more free time with such a kitchen assistant than with the traditional way of cooking. Want to get yourself a little cyber assistant in the kitchen? Take a closer look at modern multicooker – you will definitely be satisfied with such a purchase!

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