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Product Description

     The DeLonghi EC155 is one of the most cost effective pump-driven semi-automatic espresso maker we offer. This little giant packs 15 bars of pump stress, so getting a good removal is basic as well as rapid. Delonghi’s trademarked Sempre Crema Filter aids ensure you’ll obtain a layer of rich crema on your shots, and also the EC155 also features a filter basket made for use with ESE (Easy Serve Coffee) shells to make developing also less complex.

     A dial on the front of the maker manages every one of the functions on the DeLonghi EC155, from brewing to steaming to warm water. For making cappuccinos, as well as other espresso-based milk drinks, the EC155 includes a steam stick with an accessory that makes steaming as well as frothing milk a wind. Maintenance is also simple, thanks to a detachable 35 oz water reservoir, drip tray, as well as simple cleansing cycles.

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Features & Advantages: Coffee

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Flexible Portafilter
The DeLonghi EC155 allows you create scrumptious coffee 2 various means. You can utilize the Sempre Crema Filter to make utilizing your favorite ground coffee beans, as well as depend upon a smooth layer of crema every single time you brew. The EC155 also includes a special filter basket for usage with ESE hulls for included convenience– no grinding, dosing, or tamping needed.

Powerful Pump
A dependable pump suggests constant, well-extracted espresso shots as well as lots of vapor. The DeLonghi EC155 features a powerful 15 bar pump to produce a regular extraction every time. It’s additionally self-priming– a rare feature for an equipment at this cost point. This attribute implies you do not have to stress over challenging set-up when you initially get the machine or after a long period without being used.

De'Longhi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker.

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Simple Controls
A dial on the front of the equipment regulates the EC155 as well as it includes 5 different setups. From left to right, they are vapor, power off, power on, coffee/hot water giving. Indicator lights are additionally situated around this facility dial and will certainly illuminate when the maker gets on and when the device is at appropriate developing or steaming temperature.

Stainless-steel Boiler
Terrific warm stability and resilience are the major high qualities of a stainless steel boiler. They are much less prone to matching and damage from scale build-up. Not just does the EC155 have a stainless-steel central heating boiler, it likewise has 2 different thermostats so that the correct temperature level is always grabbed developing or steaming.

Ease Of Cleaning

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     A clean espresso machine is a long-lasting and dependable espresso machine. Use a good descaling solution regularly to remove hard water deposits from the boiler and portafilter. This is easy. You just mix the descaler powder with water and run it through the machine as if you were brewing a double shot. Then you run a couple cups of clean water through to rinse it.

     The exterior wipes clean with a damp cloth. You shouldn’t ever need to use any cleaners on the exterior, but mild dish detergent works fine if you need it.

You’ll need to clean the drip tray after every use. The tray itself lifts out easily. Just rinse it under your kitchen faucet or wash it like you would a dish. Use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the drip reservoir.

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  •  Very affordable
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Built in frother
  • 3-in-1 filter basket for single shot, double shot and espresso pods


  • Plastic exterior
  • Dial selector instead of buttons

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Characteristic & Perks: Frothing as well as Hot Water

Easy Frothing
If you like cappuccinos, latte, as well as various other café-style cocktails, you remain in fortune. The DeLonghi EC155 has an unique frothing add-on that assists you heavy steam and froth dairy effortlessly, therefore you can easily create virtually everything you ‘d discover at your local coffee bar. To heavy steam, transform the button to the heavy steam icon and also await the temperature level all set illumination to light up (alongside words “ALRIGHT” on the control board). When brightened, the De’Longhi EC155 prepares to vapor. Simply submerse the recommendation of the steam wand in a pitcher of chilly dairy, switch the steam opener found on the top of the device, and froth away. Ensure to cleanse the stick after every use, once it has cooled.

Hot Water
If you wish to take pleasure in a cup of tea, hot dark chocolate, or a dish of tasty immediate soup, the De’Longhi EC155 can easily give warm water right from the heavy steam wand. Just turn the management handle to the coffee/hot water dispensing icon during you switch the vapor knob. When the wanted quantity of warm water is gotten to, simply switch the steam button to cease the circulation of water.

De'longhi all in one combination coffee maker & espresso machine

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Consumer Reviews

     I’m impressed with the rate. I’m also hesitant when something seems too excellent to be real.
 The first thing I considered was longevity. I comprehend that a steel exterior is difficult at this price. It needs to be plastic to be this affordable. Yet it’s not fragile. Don’t drop it on the floor, and also it will certainly be fine.
The boiler is made of steel. There are extremely couple of complaints of leaking problems, which seem to be widespread among less expensive espresso machines. The one-year service warranty it includes covers leakages, just in case.
 I really like the steam stick on this version. Maybe a bit much longer, but it whips up some terrific foamy foam, and also it does it swiftly.
There is nothing else to acquire with this equipment. It includes whatever you require, consisting of 2 cups. Well, you’ll need to get coffee. Yet you most likely have plenty already. Utilize a fine espresso grind. You can even utilize coffee vessels.
You’ll obtain your money’s worth with this coffee maker, that’s for certain.

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