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Buydeem Multifunctional Electric Steamer

5 Smart Programs for One Touch Cooking – This cooking machine has multiple functions, integrating steamer, stew pot, yogurt machine, sterilizer, thawing machine and baby food supplement into one. It is very convenient for you to live a healthy life. Timing Function & Easy Operation – This digital steamer produces steam quickly within 1 min., without leaking air or spraying water. It can keep the nutrition and freshness of food while ensuring the cooking speed. The booking starting function is very convenient, pre-programed and you can eat at your desired time.
Auto Power-Off Protection – It has dual protection functions. When the water level is low, the cooker will automatically suspend running and prompt you to add water. When there is no water, the power shut down automatically and the pot will not burn. Lightweight & Space Saving – The cooking machine weighs only 9.47lb, and its compact design does not take up much space in the kitchen. Featured with large capacity, it can steam the whole fish without cutting off the head and tail. Durable and Satisfaction Guarantee – It is made of food-grade materials with FDA certifications, ensuring long lifespan.


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     Equipped with various kitchen techniques powerful in steaming and stewing. Super-fast steam 60s increasing efficiency of steaming by 40% quickly locking in the moisture of the dish. Quick steam, lock flavor increasing efficiency of steaming can keep the authentic texture and flavor of delicious dishes and preserve all nutrients.
Fully Automatic
– No need to be wary of kitchen fires
– No more suffering from heat in the kitchen

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Schedule as your wish the timer can be adjusted based on dishes, giving you more free time one clicks to make an appointment. Double insurance against drying out do anything you want while BUYDEEM’s steam stew pot cooks dishes for you:

  • Automatic stop at low water level, prompt to add water
  • Dry heat automatically powers off, to protect the pot
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    A small pot brings happiness to the whole family every inch of kitchen counter must not be wasted. “Doraemon’s packet” pot super small volume with large capacity make good use of every inch of space less than a Letter size paper. Upgraded stew delicious soup & silky yogurt freshness and tasty as you wish.
Stew two flavors at once delicious combination as you wanted. Mom’s nutritious soup and baby’s tender supplementary food can be satisfied at same time.

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     The well-planned path of water droplets will avoid taint the flavorful taste of food. Condensed water will not drip directly no more redundant water on your food! Large areas of glass allow you to observe changes in food at any time. Equipped with a system for separating clean and dirty water. Continuously steaming and stewing won’t affect any flavor of your tasty dishes fresher food.
More than steam stew pot perfect used as disinfection cabinet and thaw box. Food grade material safe materials for well-being of your whole family. Anti-scalding design protects your safety all the time.

BUYDEEM Kitchen Art we choose the best for you!

You will love Buydeem G563 Instant Digital Steamer.

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